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Look in here for good art!
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Come in here and appreciate my art!
Find stuff here and hate my art!
I know, I'm such a pessimist.

Characters I've drawn:
:bulletblue:Skyward :bulletred:Mina

:bulletred:CryingPelt :bulletorange:Rappingfeather :bulletgreen:Emeraldfall :bulletpink:Vina Litz :bulletred:Latixn :bulletpurple:Nixnad And all of her other selves :bulletred:Dani :bulletblue:Cydna :bulletyellow:Marissa :bulletpurple:Raven :bulletblue:Nix-XIII :bulletblack:Lillian :bulletblack:Maxwell :bulletwhite:Xioshock :bulletblack:Curse :bulletgreen:Mira :bulletred:Dani and Megan :bulletblue:Xiroe and friends :bulletpurple:Kaxo Sune :bulletblack:Lady Death :bulletred:Nom :bulletblack:Sifu :bulletred:Latixn :bulletorange:Daloez :bulletblack:Zoraul

BiWorld of Lies
:bulletgreen:King :bulletpurple:Queen

:bulletred:Bluestar :bulletorange:Shiki :bulletyellow:Rhyme :bulletgreen:Nixara :bulletblue:SeeU :bulletpurple:Xigbar :bulletred:Dissidia 012 Duodecim Cosmos Team :bulletorange:Kairi :bulletyellow:Namine :bulletgreen:Xion :bulletblue:Axel :bulletpurple:Shen :bulletred: Vexen :bulletorange:Marluxia :bulletyellow:Taokaka :bulletgreen:Kariya :bulletblue:Lucina :bulletpink:Nora :bulletred:Karkat :bulletblue:Jack Frost

:bulletred: Her OC


:bulletred:Her OC/ Herself



Consists of the folders:
Anime Manga
Other Game
Soul Calibur
Square Enix


Zoraul Bookmark by Cryingpelt
Daloez Bookmark by Cryingpelt
Latixn Bookmark by Cryingpelt
A bookmark with a drawing on it.
Digital Art
Sleep Redone/ CryingPelt and Skyward by Cryingpelt
Nixnad by Cryingpelt
Terradiem of the Faeries by Cryingpelt
Please specify if you would like detailed or flat.
Traditional Art
All Grown Up, All Alone by Cryingpelt
Danielle Wertz by Cryingpelt
tumblr n8839uoyCG1sfgd02o1 500 by Cryingpelt
Art done traditionally.
CryingPelt Cursor by Cryingpelt
Rappingfeather WORKING by Cryingpelt
Pixel works.
Icon Static
Bluestar Pixel by Cryingpelt
Rappingpaw in Pixel by Cryingpelt
SnowClan by Cryingpelt
Karkat Base by Cryingpelt
An icon for your account. Any account.
Icon Animated
Nixnad by Cryingpelt
Xamenlie by Cryingpelt
Xamenlie Kiss by Cryingpelt
Icon for any account that is animated.

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Dani/ Dan
Artist | Student | Varied

Also find me at: Colorslive and tumblr.

Paint.Net User Stamp (Small) by MarcellenNeppel Google Chrome User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Gimp User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design GAMER Hardcore STAMP by Faeth-design BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design
Tester Stamp by Cryingpelt

Dani W. | 16 | F | Pan | ♒ | In a Relationship

Please do not thank me for favourites.

"If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules. Got it memorized?""
--Axel, Kingdom Hearts II

"She who loves roses must be patient and not cry out when she is pierced by their thorns."
--Olga Bourman

I'm very loving, forgiving, open-minded, kind-hearted, frozen up, sometimes cold and annoying young woman. If you ever give me more than three sodas in less than an hour, I get very bouncy and I can get a lot of work done. I now live in Okinawa, Japan for the Air Force. I've lived in California, England, Nebraska, Philippines, Nebraska, and Okinawa.



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Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 I +FAV BOMB by auxeru No thnx 4 v fave plz by prosaix Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Stamp: Butterfly! by TheSaltyMonster
Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Coffee Addiction by TheSaltyMonster Never enough sleep by prosaix ttly txtspeak by prosaix
Forgetful by prosaix More time... by prosaix +Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl

Legend of Zelda
Navi Swat Stamp by YamiRedPen Groose by fricken-pimp SS : Link by fricken-pimp Legend of Zelda stamp by InukoPuppy Skyward Sword: Link and Groose stamp by TiuanaRui
Skyward Sword Groose by pervyfiplz Lord Ghirahim stamp by crazyfreak Ghirahim victory by crazyfreak Ghirahim Battle by fricken-pimp
Stamp - Lord Ghirahim +Fire Sanctuary+ by MissBezz Stamp - Lord Ghirahim +Ritual Dance+ by MissBezz Stamp: Ghirahim's Fabulous Dance by Rapha-chan

pArTy TiMe HoNk HoNk by SkaianAngel Iron Knight by SkaianAngel Olive Rogue by SkaianAngel Jade Sylph by SkaianAngel Teal Seer by SkaianAngel
Cobalt Thief by SkaianAngel Purple Bard by SkaianAngel Seer of Heart by SkaianAngel Olive Scribe by SkaianAngel
Aquarius by SkaianAngel Rage by SkaianAngel Mage of Rage by SkaianAngel
Mambostuck Nepeta by SkaianAngel

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Organization XIII Stamp by SweetDuke final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91 TWEWY: Take off your pants by Entoxica
Joshua Stamp by Seasalticeereno has nose by jackroono

Pansexual Pride Stamp by Just-Jasper LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Simple answer: You wouldn't. by Catthylove Pansexual Pride by quitelife00 Pansexual: I love you... by AETitus
Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds Got Pride?-Pansexual by Makki12 My Friend is Gay by stuck-in-suburbia My Friend is Bi by stuck-in-suburbia
My Friend is Straight by stuck-in-suburbia Pansexual and Proud by stuck-in-suburbia
I believe in pansexuality by Bakerize

Professor Ozpin stamp by HystericDesigns Stamp - Neo [RWBY] by kuronuuma Scroll Stamp by KyandiRainbow Sun Wukong stamp by HystericDesigns Professor Oobleck stamp by HystericDesigns
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I Burn by BigYellowAlien Nora Valkyrie stamp by HystericDesigns Penny stamp by HystericDesigns
Adam Taurus stamp by HystericDesigns

:iconskywardmeganium: :icontoughrose12: :icondog-with-the-bowtie: :iconzephyrift: :icondogbltes::iconoverlord-of-stuff::iconxamenlie::iconkozafire::iconhikaridana::iconqameover::iconsclongami12::iconamberfaii-cat::iconfabuloussylveon::iconflute-the-melody::iconjewelcharmer:

- Available: I am available from Never to Never
- Age: 16
- Annoyance: IWouldTellYouButThisIsSupposedToBeShort
- Allergic: : ?3
- Animal: FOX
- Actor: Audrey Hepburn
- Beer: I’ve tried it but I like wines and champagne better
- Birthday/Birthplace: 2/15
- Best Friends: IWouldTellYouButThisIsSupposedToBeShort
- Body Part on opposite sex: dickdickdick. Nah, but being appropriate, chest
- Best feeling in the world: discovering an adorable thing. (see: D0CT0Rs)
- Blind or Deaf: neither : 33
- Best weather: rain
- Been in Love: hell yea
- Been –beep- out?: Something happened here and I don’t know what.
- Believe in yourself?: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWhat? nah
- Believe in life on other planets: Do fanfictions count?
- Believe in miracles: yis
- Believe in Magic: yis
- Believe in God: nu
- Believe in Satan: yis. I believe in myself. Yis.
- Believe in Santa: nope
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Ghosts, not really. Spirits, a little more.
Car: I have a 2004 Nissan March (White)
Candy: I don’t like candy but I guess caramel
Colour: purple
Cried in school: hell yeah
Chocolate/Vanilla: Neapolitan //rebel
Chinese/Mexican: I have friends but I am not
Countries to visit: Italy, Germany, France, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Austria, Sweden
Day or Night: night :::: DD
Dream vehicle: Impala thing. Black. See: Supernatural
Danced: ballet and tap dance
Dance in the rain?: HELL YEAH
Dance in the middle of the street?: YIEAHSIOHIUEFAHUIHIUA
- Do the splits?: I did. Never have after that.
Eggs: yisyis
Everyone has: a hot bod //eyebrow waggle
Ever failed a class?: nope
First crush: some guy
Full name: Mine? Or theirs? Either way, privacy.
First thoughts waking up: nope
Food: pizza, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cupcakes
Greatest Fear: being alone, death
Giver or taker: Giver
Goals: Be good at something. There. : DD
Get along with your parents: No.
Good luck charms: I have a lot of things from a lot of shrines and temples so yeah…
Gum: only watermelon and juicy fruit ones
Hair Colour: brownnn
Height: I’m pre’ sure I’m 5’3”
Happy: what’s that?
Holidays: I don’t like any of them to be honest. I don’t dislike them either. I’m “eh” with them
How do you want to die: tbh: assisted suicide
(In boys/girls)
Eye colour: Greens and blues holy god
Hair Colour: black and brown but I guess I like them all nevermind
Height: I like people taller than me ;w;
Clothing Style: trashy : 33
Characteristics: Cute? Cute. Personality and/ or appearance.
Ice Cream: //I don’t care as long as we share : 33
Instrument: trumpet/ flute/ trombone? French Horn even.
Jewelry: I have pretty things but I don’t wear them cause I’m very afraid of being ugly ;w;
Job: I have an internship with marketing but will soon get an accounting part time
Kids: hahahahahahahahahahahaNO
Kick-boxing or karate: I do/ did both so yeh
Keep a journal: //mutter mutter grumble grumble
Longest Car Ride: NE > CA > FL > NE
Love: //mutter mutter grumble grumble :icond0ct0rs:
Letter: W
Laughed so hard you cried: When I told this one really good dick joke and it offended my friend
Love at first sight: no? nuuuuu. Nah…
Milk flavour: I like plain but also the strawberry milk from school
Movie: “Labyrinth” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Mooned anyone?: I showed my friend a picture of a moon and then ran away
Marriage: : / I can try
Motion sickness?: Not really
McD's or BK: bluh ew
Number of Siblings: 0 : DD
Number of Piercings: 2
Number: 13
Overused Phrase: hashtagTRUTH
One wish: equality
One phobia: thatOneOfBeingAfraidOfGeckos
Place you'd like to live: Back in Omaha or San Francisco
Pepsi/Coke: //rootbeer
Quail: quail good me like quail especially its eggs
- Questionnaires: : 33
- Quote: fuck this _______ in particular
- Reason to cry: : 33
- Reality T.V.: ewewew
- Radio Station: iHeartRadio??
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yeye : DD
- Song: Calling for Your Love, Young and Beautiful, All Our Days
- Shoe size: 10?
- Sushi: : DD
- Skipped school: yeye
- Slept outside: tried. Came back in later
- Seen a dead body?: yea : //
- Smoked?: ew
- Skinny dipped?: not really
- Shower daily?: well of course
- Sing well?: people say I do
- In the shower?: I sing in the shower. Doesn’t mean I sing well in the shower
- Swear?: I’ve been trying to cut down on it : 33
- Stuffed Animals?: Yeah?
- Single/Group dates: I usually like single dates but I don’t mind group dates
- Time for bed: I go up to my room at 9 but I actually fall asleep at 3 ;w;
- Thunderstorms: no ;w;”
- Touch your tongue to your nose: nope
- Unpredictable?: very often
- Understanding?: not often
- Under the influence?: nope
- Vegetable you hate: asparagus… Unless it’s soft and barbequed.
- Vegetable you love: carrots : DD
- Vacation spot: I don’t like leaving Okinawa so eh… I guess Tokyo and Oosaka
- Weakness: Adorable things. Nose touches
- When you grow up: Marketing/ Management? Freelance Artist?
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Heck if I knew
- Who makes you laugh the most: sorry to say but dick jokes
- Worst feeling: ;w;
- Wanted to be a model?: I thought about it but they’re super skinny so no
- Where do we go when we die: hell ;w;
- Worst weather: hot, humid, sunny days
- Walk with a book on your head?: ye : DD
- X-Rays: Chest xrays very often now : //
-Year it is now: I think it’s the sheep but I like to pretend it’s the tiger
-Yellow: by Coldplay
- Zoo animal: fox?
- Zodiac sign: Aquarius

I tag: I usually tag all my friends but it is five in the morning and I'm tired so... All of y'all mutuals.


As we are in the fourth quarter of my Sophomore days, I must finish a bunch of Honors work. Some of which is actually artwork so when I finish that, I might post some stuff.
Currently flying out of Osaka back to Okinawa. Be expecting art spams!

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