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Currently flying out of Osaka back to Okinawa. Be expecting art spams!
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
​The little devil wasn't feeling too good on this particular night. She thought of how much she had upset Lucifer earlier that day but neglected to try and reason with him. It was obviously wrong of her to try and help him with the Off Limits files.

Out of shame, she went up to Jenova's house to see what the God was doing. Today, she had been doing things other than work around Heaven. "Psssst!" Lucille whispered loudly through an open window. "Jenovaaaa!" she called quietly. "Open the window!"

The blonde swiveled around to face the window Lucille was peeking in. The horned girl waved, a small smile on her face, her sleek tail almost wagging. "Shouldn't you be working?" Jenova asked plainly​​, cracking the window only a little more open. "Oh, nevermind then. Come in, the door's open for once."

The brunette strolled right in the front door, noting the many papers scattered around on the desk. She sighed then asked, "What are you doing today?"

"Nothing important. What are you doing wandering up here?"

"Stress relief. Field trip."

Lucille lie on the soft, white bed, only her undergarments adorned her lightly tanned body. Jenova, still clothed in his tunic, sat on the edge of the bed, facing away. He didn’t even want to look at the young devil out of embarrassment. “How many times are you going to do this until you learn…?” he murmured.

“As many times as it takes to be with you,” she paused. “My darling.”

Jenova swatted Lucille’s tail which had seemed to be acting on its own. “Don’t say that.”

The little devil turned over to face the God. “Why not? She whined. Crawling over to Jenova, Lucille poked the other’s side. Jenova yelped quietly but swatted away the young devil’s hand. “You’re so mean, Jenova,” the girl whispered, pulling the God close in an embrace. She tugged lightly on the tan tunic, nuzzling her face into the God’s neck.

“S-stop that, you!” he cried out, pulling at the devil’s tail. The girl yelped, digging her nails into the God’s skin as he chuckled. “Hah, you’re cute.”

"You're just like Lucifer," the little devil complained, still leaning on the God. “Mean, not fun, boring, strict, workaholic... I don’t really mind if it’s you, though,” she purred into the other’s neck once more.

Jenova grabbed at the girl’s tail again, making her flinch and flush just as he had. “Didn’t I tell you to stop?” He smiled when the girl groaned into the God’s back, her hands slowly making their way back down to the bed. “Good girl.”

With a face painted red, Lucille whined again. “That’s not fair! You’re not being fair! You know that’s my erogenous zone!”

“You say that with a lack of embarrassment.”

“It’s not really something that’s embarrassing when it’s so blatantly obvious...”

“Considering you’re a devil with no experience, it’s only a bit surprising. Because it’s you, not as much anymore.”

“And you’re speaking as if you’ve had experience! Do you confirm or deny?”

The God remained silent. He didn’t want to say “no” as to not lie but he also didn’t want to say “yes” because of their age and that he might look like a prude. Out of stress on which to choose, Jenova had accidentally tightened his grip on Lucille’s tail, making her move suddenly, a small yelp muffled by the tan tunic again.

Whining again, Lucille cried out, “Stop it, stop it, stop it! You’re making me shake!”

“Oh,” Jenova began with a grin on his face. “You’ve never done it before so your body isn’t used to these types of things.”

“Shut up!”

Jenova chuckled again. His heart was beating fast with anticipation and he could feel that Lucille was feeling just the same. He looked at the girl who was now facing away from him, her arms crossed. “Adorable.”

As Jenova started to make his way slowly to hold Lucille’s arms, she asked, “What did you say about me, y-you punk?” Her stuttering made the God’s heartbeat flutter after seeing and hearing her start becoming anxious. The God had thrown himself on the brunette just as she started to turn and face him. “Jenova!” she cried, her voice cracking from having yelped at such a high pitch. “What are you doing?!”

“Look, we both don’t have experience... So, let’s get this over with so we can finally say something we’re if ever on the topic again,” he explained quietly.

Lucille hesitated when she thought about what the God was saying. "Yeah, sure, let's get this over with," she mumbled, the flush still obvious on her face as she turned to face the God.

Jenova first leaned in to kiss the girl on her soft lips. Lucille slowly pulled the other down to lie on top of her in the loose embrace. He felt the little devil's hands pulling on the canvas fabric until they reached the hem.

Jenova licked Lucille's lip, asking for permission to enter her mouth. She obliged kindly and relaxed her body into the soft and plump mattress. They exchanged gasps as one hand would make a small pattern in the other's side.

After a few minutes of the same thing, she finally parted the steamy session. Her heart felt as though it were caught in her throat just like her stomach. Butterflies and odd sensations overtook her senses. "Please..." she softly begged, her hands digging into the sheets of the bed.

"Patience, Lucille," Jenova muttered, resting his head on hers to gaze into beautifully mismatched eyes. Before long, he was trailing light, tickling kisses from her neck to her collarbone. He stopped to take off the lace bra that protected the young devil's small breasts. "You don't look quite as small without all of this garbage."

The God took in the sight of Lucille’s almost bare body. The young devil turned to face away but was pulled back by the God. He murmured inhuman languages to himself, a little grin overtaking his face.

His cold hands delicately fumbled with Lucille’s breasts, the girl’s breathe often hitching. She dug her hands and nails deeper into the white cloth. It was a new sensation Lucille wasn’t used to and it was obvious with every small shiver, each nearly silent cry. She was having trouble just keeping her eyes open.

She whined aloud, “Jenova, you’re having all the fun!” Lucille was about ready to have a fit when the male had finally moved lower and lower to her stomach, his tongue outlining the girl’s navel, yet another sensitive spot on the unexperienced girl. The young devil bit her left hand as to not squeak or moan, her right hand covering her eyes.

“Don’t cover you mouth,” the God said blatantly. “It’s no fun if I can’t hear your gasps and moans.” He pulled her hands away and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Lucille stopped the male before he continued. “I-I’m not sure I want to do this anymore...” she muttered, her face flushed in a light pink colour. “I mean... It doesn’t feel right...”

Jenova looked at her, it seemed like he was genuinely thinking for a moment. “It doesn’t feel right or it feels new? You’re not going to get anywhere if you stick with the same things over and over again.”

“Shit... You got me...” Lucille cursed loudly.

“Now, may I continue?”

“Yeah, yeah, go ahead.”

Jenova went back to his gentle work and ghost-like touches on the inner thighs of the girl. She inhaled sharply, unused to such a feeling in that zone. He was getting dangerously close to the girl’s most sensitive area on her body overall.

Lucille begins to moan softly only to be quickly silenced by herself. Too embarrassed to moan or gasp, she stops herself each time Jenova ran a finger over her covered clit. Sitting up, she slipped off the black panties and laid again. “You’re still dressed. Un. Fair.”

“Fine. I’ll get undressed, too,” Jenova huffed, turning away as he pulled off the tunic. Lucille watched him as he slipped off the clothes with ease, cursing at herself for having been a devil with such large horns.

"Happy?" Jenova asked when he was bare at last. He was fully exposed to the little devil, chest to cock, not a thing was hidden anymore.

She giggled when she found the male had a twitching erection. "Very happy. You may continue~."

He leaned down into the horned girl between her legs, grabbing her by the waist so she wouldn't squirm so much or move away. Lucille let out a soft moan as she felt Jenova's tongue lick her. Forgetting all about earlier that day, her hands trailed up her body to play with her breasts. Lucille's breath hitched again and again, she still tried her hardest to hold it all in.
"Please, Jenova..." she begged, her eyes beginning to look glassy with lust. With her sober self in another part of her mind, she was now fully at the will of Jenova.

The God smiled, standing up. He placed both of his arms at each side of the devil. Lucille wrapped her arms around Jenova's neck. He began to stroke her tail again to build up the anticipation. The devil gasped once more, her hands tugging at the short hair of the God.

Jenova enjoyed every bit of this side of Lucille and didn't hesitate to begin again. He pulled back and Lucille let him go. "Think we really need a condom?"

"You act as if our bodies are human."


The God pulled Lucille to the edge of the bed with him. As a sign on domination, Jenova leaned over the body of his lover as he began to enter her. He gave the girl a moment to adjust before rhythmically thrusting.

Lucille dug fingers into the bed again, moaning into the open air, occasionally calling out, "Jenova, please!" The sensation was taking her body just as it was for Jenova. She opened her eyes to look at the male and he looked back down at her.

The God was beginning to break rhythm and thrust faster into the girl, nearing his peak. The girl was just the same as him, they were both holding back orgasms for the other.

One more moan and another groan and both of them had released, Lucille crying out Jenova's name, Jenova just moaning into the sheets and mattress beside Lucille's head.

The young devil was breathing heavily, her face as hot as a summer's day. Her body was covered by Jenova's as he lay there, shaking a bit from their shared orgasm. She smiled before running a hand through the short tufts of blonde hair. Her eyes were now heavy as she stared at the ceiling.

"Ready for another round?" Jenova asked. Lucille could feel him smile and laugh into the bed.

She tapped Jenova on the head to "slap" him. "It's only my first time... Give me a break."
The First Time
There's a first time for everything, dear Lucille. Why don't we have our first together?
Jenova and Lucille have sex for the first time together after an argument.
It's Sunday, August 24, 2014. Tomorrow, I will be starting my Sophomore year in High School but that doesn't mean I'll post less. For now, I'm working on the BiWorld of Lies comic and still doing a bunch of chibi things (to be posted later). Please bear with me through the year. Thank you all so much for sticking with me and I'll be back soon with art.


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Also find me at: Colorslive and tumblr.

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I'm very loving, forgiving, open-minded, kind-hearted, frozen up, sometimes cold and annoying young woman. If you ever give me more than three sodas in less than an hour, I get very bouncy and I can get a lot of work done. I now live in Okinawa, Japan for the Air Force. I've lived in California, England, Nebraska, Philippines, Nebraska, and Okinawa.



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It's Sunday, August 24, 2014. Tomorrow, I will be starting my Sophomore year in High School but that doesn't mean I'll post less. For now, I'm working on the BiWorld of Lies comic and still doing a bunch of chibi things (to be posted later). Please bear with me through the year. Thank you all so much for sticking with me and I'll be back soon with art.

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